Creating Balance for Healing

While the medical community tends to deal mostly with symptoms and diagnosis, Bob maintains a focus on wellness and the innate well-being of each person. With this approach, when Bob does prescribe medication, it is often in lower doses for shorter periods of time.

As a medical doctor, Bob understands the role medication can play in the progress of some clients. Used appropriately, medication can be a tool to help people reconnect to their natural state—that of being peaceful and serene. Medication can quiet the mind in order to bring about a balanced state from which clients can more easily and quickly gain the insight into themselves that they need so that healing can occur. When someone is so anxious, depressed or upset that they are unable to focus on what is being said, any real progress is difficult. The mind is just too clouded. When this is the case, Bob can draw on his medical/biological background to prescribe the right medication.

Symptoms are not afflictions that need to be destroyed but opportunities for learning and growth.