Treatment Options

Bob speaks to all his potential clients before their first session to answer any questions and put them at ease. At the first session, he does a thorough evaluation to help him determine what is causing their distress. He then discusses with his clients what will take place during treatment. Although he is a psychiatrist, Bob does not label his clients with the name of an illness. He believes that when doctors use such labeling, clients tend to identify themselves with the “illness” rather than focusing on their innate well-being.

The length of treatment does not necessarily relate to how long a person has been struggling with an issue. Because Bob’s approach is wellness-based rather than illness-focused, therapy can be more efficient and thus take less time. As soon as clients stop identifying with their problems, they can begin to see themselves as they really are—whole and complete.

Intensive Sessions

At the beginning of treatment, it is often beneficial for clients to have several sessions during a concentrated period of time. Bob has devised intensive treatment options for those who are interested. This can be accomplished either in person or online. These intensive sessions establish a strong foundation for healing and can significantly shorten the length of time needed for treatment.

Sessions Online

Bob has done extensive work with clients online. He finds this approach equally as effective as working with people in person. This can be a convenient option for those who live outside the San Diego area or who have schedules that make office visits difficult.